Packaged Drinking Water

India King Drinking Water

 100% hygenic, crystal clear Packaged Drinking Water
  Available in Pack Size of 1lt & 2 lt bottles.
  Coming shortly in 250 ml & 500 ml bottles.




We prepare pure water by Automatic Water Filteration with R.O. system, in which 6000 lt of pure mineral water is filtered out per hour from 10000 lt of normal water. The harmful minerals are taken out in the residual 4000 lt. water. From this filtered water we supply Packaged Drinking Water (Mineral Water Bottles) in 1lt & 2 lt bottles and we are soon launching 250 ml, 500 ml bottles & 20 lt jar. We use this same filtered water which is pesticide free for preparing soft drinks of our brand also.

We have following plants & processes to filter the water:
1. Chlorination System the water is chlorinated to kill the bacteria in it.
2. Pressure Sand Filter  water is made crystal clear by cleaning its dense impurities.
3. De Chlorination System water is de-chlorinated now
4. Carbon Purifier System
by this system water is made odour free
5. Special Antiscalent System this system stops any kind of precipitation in the water
6. Softener this system softens hard & saline water.
7. Micron cartridge Filter this filter purifies micro size impurities in the water.
8. R O System in this system there are 0.0001 Pore size tubes in which sea water or saline water can be converted in portable water and also prevents the bacteria
9. U V Sterilizer Water is treated by rays to kill the bacteria & virus present in the water
10. Ozonation Water is treated by Ozone gas to kill the virus present in it.
11. pH Correction pH is maintained as per ISI specification
12. Product Water Tank Water is stored as per the specifications to package it & supply to our users.